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New Surcharge Notification

To Our Valued Customers,

Phase 4 of the Kicking Horse Canyon has been extended until the end of 2021. As a valued partner, we held off on implementing a surcharge as all indications led us to believe this would end by Aug 31, 2021. Since April 1st we have been rerouting schedules that normally go directly through Golden are now going through Radium via HWY 93 and HWY 95 – this has forced the addition of extra miles and delayed arrival times.

With the current extension, we are forced to implement a surcharge for any schedule that is to be rerouted through Radium. Please note: You will only be charged the below surcharge, should the schedule your freight is on go through Radium. If the Highway through Golden is open – no surcharge will be assessed.

Effective: September 13 through to December 31, 2021 
Minimum Charge: $14.50   $1.10 cwt to a maximum of $298.00

Please click here for up-to-date information about closures: https://www.kickinghorsecanyon.ca/construction/calendar/
Thank you very much for your support and loyalty through this challenge. We will be sure to update you should any changes arise, that will impact the above.
Should you have any further questions or concerns, please reach out to your Business Development Manager.
Stay safe,
Yours in Partnership,

Mustang Freightways Ltd.