Going Green

We take pride in being a green, energy efficient company:


✓ All truck road speeds are governed to 103 km/h to reduce fuel consumption.

✓ All trucks shut down engines after 3 minutes of idling.

✓ Electronic log books in the truck reduce paper use.

✓ Sensor switches overcome the habit of “forgetting” to turn off lights.

✓ EDI technology is used to reduce paper invoices and statements.

✓ LCV schedules operate wherever possible to reduce fuel consumption.


✓ Waste oil, used tires and batteries, paper and plastics are recycled.

✓ Shop and wash pit drains are connected to sump tanks and the liquids are processed to remove environmental hazards.


✓ Equipment is replaced with the most fuel-efficient units available.

✓ All new tractors are equipped with clean emission technology.

✓ Freight terminals are outfitted with energy efficient lighting.