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Our Green Initiatives

To help preserve the quality of the environment and minimize our impact on the land, water and air we use, Mustang Freightways is continually working to enhance our product and service quality, wherever your transportation requirements send us. In today’s economy, transportation is inevitable; using a transportation company that practices the highest levels of environmental stewardship is responsible.

  • Engaging, respecting and supporting the communities and cultures with which we work
  • Supporting human rights and equality
  • Safety of people
  • Protection of the environment
  • Conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner


Our Goals



All truck road speeds are governed to 103 km/h to reduce fuel consumption.

✓ All trucks shut down engines after 3 minutes of idling.

✓ LCV schedules operate wherever possible to reduce fuel consumption.

✓ EDI technology is used to reduce paper invoices and statements.

Save Water


✓ Waste oil, used tires and batteries, paper and plastics are recycled.

✓ Shop and wash pit drains are connected to sump tanks and the liquids are processed to remove environmental hazards.

✓ Sensor switches overcome the habit of “forgetting” to turn off lights.



✓ Equipment is replaced with the most fuel-efficient units available.

✓ All new tractors are equipped with clean emission technology.

Freight terminals are outfitted with energy efficient lighting.



Reducing Our Footprint

Being environmentally responsible is a top priority.  Mustang Freightways proactively looks for ways to reduce our environmental impact, through operational efficiency and investment in new technology and equipment.

Mustang Freightways has lessened its carbon footprint through:

  • Governing speed on tractors
  • Driver training programs
  • No-idle policy
  • Increasing trip load factor: fewer trips = less fuel
  • Utilizing LCV’s on approved routes.