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Dangerous Goods

Mustang Freightways Ltd. is a fully accredited carrier and transports all classes of dangerous goods, except for Class 7 radioactive material, to all direct service points within Alberta and British Columbia.

Our drivers and warehouse staff are certified and trained in the handling of dangerous goods. Staff are retrained every three years as required by Transport Canada.

To view recently updated forms and requirements from Transport Canada view our forms page here.

Radiation (1)

Temperature Control

Temperature Control (1)

In Western Canada, we experience harsh weather conditions. Mustang Freightways operates the best equipment to transport your goods. For those shipments that require protection from freezing in Canada’s long winters, we outfit our trailers with “protect-from-freezing” heaters. It’s all about shipping with total peace-of-mind.

For more information, please call our helpful and professionally-trained staff.

Appointment Delivery

Do you require your shipment to be delivered at a specific time, or within a specific time frame?

Mustang Freightways boasts an excellent on-time delivery service, upwards of 98%, a proven track record of meeting service expectations. Your appointment freight will get there on time, every time. Our team knows the importance of your shipment and will make every effort to meet the required delivery times.

For further information regarding this service see our terms and conditions and/or contact us.


Flat Deck Service

Logistics Transport

When your freight is better suited to a flat deck instead of an enclosed dry van we have a solution for you!

Mustang transports dedicated pup and full length flat deck shipments. Our fleet includes 28′, 48′,  53′  tandem and tridem flat decks, step decks and super B’s.