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Please note that Alberta & BC’s governing bodies for roads and highways initiate all road closures due to geo-hazards. Their decisions affect all freight delivery throughout Western Canada, and as a result, all situations listed below can change from day to day. Mustang Freightways diligently monitors all situations and will post updates on this page as we receive the info. Please bookmark this page for the latest updates to view daily; useful links to official government-issued updates are at the bottom of the page. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Between Kelowna & Summerland/Penticton (BC)


Highway 97 through Summerland is now open to two-lane traffic with possible wait times.

**OLDER UPDATE: SEPT 12, 2023**

Due to Highway 97 partially opening last night, we have decided to suspend the previously instituted road closure surcharge. We will continue to monitor the situation, and if the situation worsens we may have to re-institute this surcharge. We will be removing the surcharge from all probills from last night (Sept. 11th).  If you have any questions, please contact your region’s Business Development Manager.


Due to the closure of Highway 97 north of Summerland, in BC, we are being forced to run a route to the South Okanagan that takes our drivers 4 extra hours per round trip, and an extra 204 miles. Please note that commercial traffic is not permitted to take any of the forest service road detours currently in place.

Because there is no timeline on the highway opening, we are forced to institute a RCCR (road closure) surcharge for any shipments going to Summerland, Penticton, Kaleden, Okanagan Falls, Oliver, Osoyoos, Keremeos and Cawston (and any cities in between). We will not be charging this surcharge on shipments coming out of those cities. If we are provided a route that reduces our time and extra miles, we will reduce this charge. When the highway fully opens up, the surcharge will be completely removed.

The surcharge will be based on the rated weight of the shipment, and will apply for all shipments that ship from Monday, September 11th until further notice. If you have any questions, please contact your region’s Business Development Manager.

Prince George / Caribou Schedules (BC)

Hwy 1 at Boston Bar, through to Lytton, is dealing with closures. We will re-route through Kamloops to Cache Creek, and then up into the Caribou.

Port Alberni, Highway 4 (BC)

Hwy 4 is now back to regular two-lane traffic; however, normal operating capacity may not occur until Tuesday, Sept. 5th, due to the Labour Day long weekend.

For government info on road closures and current weather conditions, please click on any of the links below: