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Introducing Noelle Byrne, Mustang Freightways’ New HR Coordinator

As Mustang Freightways’ Calgary team welcomes Noelle Byrne as the new Human Resources Coordinator, we celebrate her journey from the healthcare frontlines to the heart of human resources. Noelle’s fascinating career pivot showcases a profound dedication to enhancing lives, irrespective of the professional backdrop.

From Paramedic to HR

For two decades, Noelle worked in the healthcare field, dedicating nearly ten of those years to serving as a paramedic, helping people and saving lives. Her passion for helping people hasn’t waned as she transitions into human resources at Mustang Freightways. “I’ve always enjoyed working with and helping people,” Noelle shares. “After nearly a decade as a paramedic, transitioning to human resources allowed me to continue this passion, albeit in a different capacity. It’s equally rewarding, and thankfully, it spares me from the -40 weather on the highway side,” she says with a smile.

A Natural Fit

Choosing Mustang Freightways was a deliberate decision for Noelle, as she was drawn to our culture of care, innovation, and openness. “I was attracted to Mustang’s approach of genuinely caring for its people and the willingness to embrace new ideas and solutions. It’s a place where I felt I could make a real impact,” Noelle says. The culture at Mustang, fostering growth and valuing each individual’s contribution, resonates deeply with her personal values.

At Mustang, Noelle’s responsibilities encompass a broad range of HR activities, including recruiting, policy development, diversity and equity initiatives, onboarding, training, and fostering employee relations. “The aspects of HR that might seem dull to others are what I find fascinating. It’s about keeping the office running efficiently and making sure everyone feels included and supported,” she says.

Crafts and Quests

In her downtime, Noelle turns to a variety of hobbies that keep her hands busy and her imagination vibrant. “I really enjoy doing fibre arts like knitting, crocheting, and sewing,” Noelle explains, revealing a side of her that thrives on creativity. Her interests don’t end there; she’s also an avid fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres, whether in books or on the screen. “I’m a big Marvel fan and I also love diving into video games or Dungeons & Dragons for a bit of adventure,” she adds. Noelle’s diverse hobbies show a person who finds joy in both the quiet moments of crafting and the thrilling escapades of her favourite stories.

Athlete with a Story

Physical activity is another realm where Noelle shines, particularly through boxing, cycling, swimming, and dragonboat racing. “I’m part of the Calgary Dragon Ladies Dragon Boat team. Last summer, we snagged third place in our division at the festival. This will be my fifth year with them,” she shares with pride. But there’s more to Noelle than her athletic endeavours, she has a unique background that has seen her living across Canada, even in the far north of Iqaluit. “I was born in Germany on an army base and moved to Canada when I was two. Living in different parts of the country, including Iqaluit, has given me a wide lens on life,” Noelle shares.

A New Chapter at Mustang

As Noelle embarks on this new chapter with Mustang Freightways, her focus is on learning, contributing, and growing within her role and the company. “I’m eager to absorb everything Mustang has to offer and to contribute to our team’s success,” she shares. “I’m lucky to be part of such a supportive team, and I can’t wait to see where we go from here,” she concludes. Welcome to the team, Noelle. We are sure you will accomplish great things here.