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Mustang Freightways Joins Hands with Operation Christmas Child for the Fifth Year

Mustang Freightways is proud to announce its continued support for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child, marking the fifth year of this heartwarming partnership. Operation Christmas Child, a global initiative since the summer of 1993, aims to bring joy and hope to children in need worldwide through gift-filled shoeboxes. “Continuing this partnership is a testament to our commitment to supporting our community,” states Kristin Link, Mustang Freightways’ Sales Manager. 

A Tradition of Compassion

As Mustang Freightways gears up for the fifth year of collaboration with Operation Christmas Child, there’s a genuine sense of anticipation and purpose among the team. “This annual tradition has become a significant part of who we are at Mustang Freightways,” says Kristin, reflecting on the team’s commitment. “It’s about more than just filling shoeboxes; it’s about touching lives and spreading joy to children globally,” she continues, capturing the essence of our sustained involvement.

Spreading Global Joy

Since its inception in 1993, Operation Christmas Child, a Samaritan’s Purse initiative, has delivered over 209 million shoeboxes to children in more than 170 countries. Each box, brimming with toys, school supplies, and personal items, extends beyond a simple gift – it’s a beacon of hope and kindness. This global endeavour, supported by the dedicated efforts of countless volunteers, ensures that each shoebox becomes a cherished experience for children, often marking their first-ever personal gift.

Mustang’s Heartfelt Contribution

This year, Mustang Freightways is actively participating in Operation Christmas Child by providing essential logistic support. Our dedicated branded truck is instrumental in collecting and delivering these special gift-filled shoeboxes. With our team eagerly volunteering, we’re helping to ensure the smooth collection and delivery of these gift-filled shoeboxes. “We’re excited to be hands-on in this year’s mission, contributing beyond just transportation. We’re directly contributing to a worldwide effort that makes a real difference in the lives of children,” Kristin shares with enthusiasm.

Join the Cause

Mustang Freightways invites everyone to join in this global mission of spreading cheer. Whether it’s packing a shoebox, volunteering time, or simply spreading the word, every contribution makes a significant difference. “We encourage others to get involved in Operation Christmas Child. It’s a rewarding experience to be part of something that has such a positive impact on children’s lives,” says Kristin.

For those interested in participating or learning more about the initiative, visit the Operation Christmas Child website.