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Inside Mustang Freightways Edmonton’s Customer Service

At Mustang Freightways, our customer service isn’t just about answering calls; it’s about the people who bring their unique personalities and experiences to the job every day. Each member of our team adds a special touch to what we do, creating an environment that’s not just efficient, but also welcoming and engaging. Now, let’s take a closer look at our Edmonton team, the friendly faces and voices that make your experience with us truly exceptional.

Amy Stewart: Leading with Heart and Dedication

At our Edmonton terminal, Amy Stewart steers our customer service ship as the Customer Service & Billing Supervisor. She’s much more than just a supervisor; think of her as the team’s go-to person, always there to lend an ear or a hand. “My current role at Mustang Freight is ensuring my team is equipped with the tools and knowledge to deliver the best customer service,” Amy explains. She’s dedicated to providing her team with everything they need to excel, from resources to knowledge, ensuring that every customer interaction is not just a transaction, but a positive experience.

Amy takes great pride in being part of the Mustang Freightways family. “I’m proud to say I work for Mustang Freightways. It’s a place where you can grow and really build a career, which is why our team is solid from the ground up,” she shares. This sense of pride and belonging is not just a personal feeling; it’s something she fosters within her team, creating an environment where growth, development, and collaboration are part of the daily routine.

Sheri Stetsko: The Return of a Seasoned Pro

In our Edmonton team, Sheri Stetsko’s presence is like a beacon of experience and reliability. Having previously been a part of the transportation industry, her return to this field with Mustang Freightways has been a significant one. “Coming back to the industry after many years, and at Mustang no less, has been an amazing experience,” she shares enthusiastically. Sheri’s history with the industry adds a depth of knowledge and understanding to her work that’s invaluable.

Her role at Mustang isn’t just about handling customer queries – it’s about connection and empathy. Sheri has a knack for getting to the heart of what customers need, ensuring that they feel heard and cared for. “Every customer has a unique story, a unique need. It’s my job to tune into that and make sure we’re meeting them where they are,” she explains. Sheri’s calm demeanour and seasoned approach to customer service are more than just professional assets; they’re a reassurance to our customers and her team members alike.

Quentin Morgan: The Customer Service Dynamo

Quentin Morgan is a relatively new addition to our team, having joined us in April 2023. But in this short time, he’s already made a significant impact. With over 20 years of experience in sales and customer service, Quentin knows how to turn a challenging situation into a positive outcome. His ability to collaborate effectively with the team and his flair for problem-solving make him a valued member of our customer service team.

His approach to customer service is unique – it’s a blend of professionalism mixed with his flair. Quentin understands that sometimes, the key to solving a tough customer issue lies in thinking outside the box and bringing a fresh perspective. “I believe every challenge is an opportunity to show just how much we can do for our customers,” he says, reflecting his optimistic approach to problem-solving.

The Team Behind the Service

This team exemplifies the ideal blend of experience, dedication, and innovation. Amy’s leadership, Sheri’s seasoned insights, and Quentin’s dynamic approach represent the essence of our commitment to exceptional customer service. Their collective efforts and individual strengths make every interaction with Mustang not just satisfactory, but a step above the rest. We are proud to have such an incredible team representing us at our Edmonton terminal, ensuring our customers always receive the best service possible.