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Meet Kelly Baker, Mustang Freightways’ Inside Sales/Customer Service Specialist

Meet Kelly Baker, who began her journey at Mustang Freightways as a Customer Service Representative at our Acheson terminal. Within a year, her role evolved. Now, she’s not just answering customer queries, she’s actively reaching out to them in a role that beautifully blends sales with customer service.

“Making the switch was like turning the page to a new chapter,” Kelly shares. “I’ve gone from helping solve problems to actively helping our customers succeed. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a client’s business grow and knowing you had a part in it,” she continues.

More Than Just a Sales Gig

The role Kelly occupies is a blend of customer service and inside sales, serving as a bridge between the company and our customers. It’s a position that requires versatility: from troubleshooting customer issues to identifying new business opportunities and maintaining established accounts. “My role is multifaceted. I’m the go-to person for customer issues, while also scouting for new business opportunities and managing existing accounts,” she details. “It keeps me on my toes, and that’s just how I like it,” she adds.

All Work and All Play

What fuels Kelly’s drive at Mustang isn’t just the work itself, but the people she works with. “There’s always time for a laugh, even when things are hectic,” says Kelly. The sense of teamwork goes beyond just completing tasks; it’s a source of motivation that makes any obstacle seem conquerable. “Having such a supportive group around me and knowing that Mustang values personal development is a bonus that keeps me going,” she concludes.

Camping days, Pokémon nights: Kelly’s way to recharge.

Tents, Tokens, and Pokémon

At the end of her workday, Kelly effortlessly transitions to her cherished role as a mom. Outdoor camping trips fill their summer weekends, a time for the family to connect amidst nature. “Those campfire moments are when we share stories and laughs,” she says.

As the seasons change, so do their family traditions. “Winter nights bring out the Pokemon cards at our dining table,” she chuckles. “What started as a kids’ game has turned into a family obsession. Even my husband and I find ourselves eagerly awaiting the opening of new card packs. It’s how we stay connected, no matter the weather,” Kelly explains.

The Power of Questions

Reflecting on her journey, Kelly attributes her growth to a simple yet effective approach: never stop asking questions. “Being new to the transport industry, the knowledge shared by seasoned colleagues was like gold to me,” she says. “So, to anyone entering this field, your questions are the keys that unlock doors. Keep asking, keep learning, and watch how far you go,” Kelly advises.

Where Passion Meets Profession

In a nutshell, Kelly Baker is more than just an Inside Sales and Customer Service Specialist at Mustang Freightways; she’s a relationship builder, a growth driver, and a lifelong learner. With her commitment to both her customers and her own personal development, Kelly embodies the values that makes Mustang such a special place to work.