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Mustang Freightways Terminals Rally for Remarkable Food Drive Success

Mustang Freightways is not just another freight company, but a community that cares for each other. Our recent annual food drive, led by our teams at our Acheson and Calgary terminals, demonstrated this spirit of giving that runs through the heart of our customers, workforce and extended community.

Uniting for a Cause

The annual food drive has become a cherished tradition at Mustang Freightways, a time when we come together to extend our support to the local community. This year was no different but a bit more special as we surpassed our previous records. The enthusiasm shown by our customers and each member of our team was nothing short of inspiring. The friendly competition between the two terminals ignited a passionate drive, making every contribution count, big or small.

A Generous Harvest

This year, we collected over 1000lbs of food items. Each item collected is a testament to the generous nature of our team, who were undeterred in ensuring a sizable donation to the Calgary Food Bank. This initiative saw everyone chipping in with whatever they could – be it a can of beans or a box of cereal, every bit aimed at making a difference in someone’s life.

Apart from the food donations, we also managed to raise $1500 from our golf tournament. This monetary contribution further underscores the unwavering support and selfless acts of giving that embody the spirit of our Mustang Freightways family and our customers. These funds will go a long way in supporting the essential services provided by the food bank.

Mustang Freightways’ Sales Manager, Kristin Link (right), and Business Development Manager Jeffery Lachance (middle) presenting a $1500 cheque to the Calgary Food Bank.

Fostering a Legacy of Giving

As we reminisce about the success of this year’s food drive, our sights are set on the future. We are more motivated than ever to continue this tradition of giving back. The bonds forged during this time and the smiles we hope to bring to the faces of those receiving the donations fuel our desire to do more. Mustang Freightways is more than just a service provider; we are a community, ever eager to extend our support wherever it’s needed.

A heartfelt thank you to all our employees, customers, friends, and families who generously contributed to the food drive. Your donations have made a real difference in the lives of many. Thank you for being a part of this meaningful journey.