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Jude Simon – 10 Years of Service

Mustang Freightways congratulates Jude Simon on his recent 10th work anniversary. Jude is one of our dedicated linehaul drivers responsible for safe freight movement in Western Canada and beyond.

Trucking Since 99

Jude has been fascinated with trucks for as long as he can remember – driving a truck across the country was something he looked forward to when he got his Class 1 license in 1999. “I love trucks and always pictured myself driving one across the highways, so I got a Class 1 license in 1999, and in 2006 I got LCV (long combination vehicle) certified,” he explains. Jude joined Mustang Freightways as a City P&D driver ten years ago and has since transitioned to become one of our linehaul drivers. “I joined Mustang as a City P&D, but right now, I’m a linehaul driver hauling LTL loads across the highways,” he says when briefly describing his job’s duties.

An “Office” Like No Other

When asked what he loves about his job, Jude says it’s the freedom and peace that comes with it. “There’s something about the open road that I find very calming – that’s why I love trucking,” he states. “When it’s just you and the open road, away from all the noise… that’s how I like my office to be.”

Gaming, Road Trips, Scenic Views

Even when Jude’s not at work driving a truck, he’s still “driving a truck” when he hops into a truck driving simulator off-hours. “I’m a PC gamer, and one of my favourite games is American Truck Simulator. When I’m not at work, I love to relax at home and drive on my screen,” he said when asked what he likes to do outside work. Needless to say, Jude loves trucking!

Aside from gaming, Jude enjoys going on road trips. His favourite destination is beautiful Vancouver, BC. “I enjoy road trips, especially to Vancouver; it’s one of the most scenic road trips and full of so many adventures that I can take,” he concludes.

From all of us at Mustang Freightways, we wish Jude a happy 10th work anniversary. Thanks for being a part of our work family!