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Employee Spotlight – Chris Pidhirney

Mustang Freightways has some of the finest employees in its ranks, and we are proud to celebrate them any chance we get. Meet Chris Pidhirney, our AM Operations Supervisor at our Calgary terminal. Chris oversees the day-to-day operations ensuring everyone is well prepared to be successful. “I oversee the operations on the floor, and my job is to make sure everyone has what they need to excel at their jobs,” he says.

Started From the Floor

Before joining Mustang Freightways, Chris used to work as part of the floor crew at an LTL warehouse before driving a 5-ton for a few years. “When the opportunity to join Mustang Freightways came, I joined as a forklift operator in the warehouse,” recalls Chris.

Early in his career, it was evident to Chris that Mustang was a company that valued the performance and improvement of its staff and acknowledged their hard work as such. “A company like Mustang cares about the development of its people. With all my commitment and dedication to my role, I moved into the office after a few years and was promoted to my current position as AM Operations Supervisor,” he states.

The Team Works

Talking about his role, Chris says he is responsible for ensuring the success of Mustang’s morning operations. “I regulate our morning operations, planning routes, supervising dispatch & dock staff, and city pick-up & delivery drivers,” he says. “My job is to give them everything they need for their jobs; however, I must give credit to the entire team for always putting in the effort for the success of the entire company,” he concludes.

Great Company, Great Culture

Chris is quick to sing the praises of the culture at Mustang Freightways and how the environment is supportive since he joined the company. “I’m grateful to be part of the fantastic team here at Mustang. I can only compare them to a high-functioning family where we all have each other’s backs,” says Chris, smiling. “The communication between management and employees is great, and you get a sense of belonging from the moment you walk in.”

Never Miss Leg Days

When asked what he likes to do when he’s not at work, Chris says, “If I’m not at work, I’m most likely at the gym working out or doing yoga for meditation. I take the gym as my second home, which helps me get clarity and reach a state of peace.”

Take a Hike, Eh?

Other things Chris enjoys doing include hiking, playing the guitar, and fixing computers. “In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, especially summertime hiking. I also like playing the guitar and fixing computers,” he says. Safe to say, Chris has been added to our secret list of colleagues to call when our IT department has other more pressing computer issues to tackle before they get to our computer!

Thank you for all you do, Chris; we remain as stoked as ever to have you on our team!