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Jordan Bafaro – 10 Years of Service

Mustang Freightways is happy to celebrate the 10th work anniversary of Jordan Bafaro. Jordan is one of our City P&D drivers based out of our Calgary terminal where he handles pickups and deliveries in Calgary and surrounding areas. “I’m a city Pickup & Delivery driver specializing in city flat deck work and making deliveries to small towns around the Calgary area like Okotoks, Aldersyde, and High River,” says Jordan, explaining what he does.

Great Company, Great Environment

Mustang Freightways is one of the best places to work, but don’t take this writer’s word for it, take Jordan’s; he’s been here for 10 years! “I enjoy working at Mustang; the management makes it easy for us to enjoy what we do,” he says happily. “Apart from the wages and benefits as well as the great pension packages, the company provides new equipment from tractors to trailers regularly, which makes our work easier because you know you have reliable equipment,” he explains further.

Catch Me Outside

When Jordan is not delivering freight to our amazing customers, he likes to spend his time outdoors engaging in different activities. “I love the outdoors, no matter the season; in the summer, I like to go out and play golf, and winter is a great time for outdoor hockey, and I love it!” he exclaims. “I also enjoy the indoors too, with friends and family, and my dog, catching up on our favourite Netflix shows and having a good time, but outdoors is my thing,” he adds.

Hockey Coach of the Year

Although he’s not the hockey coach of the year yet, one of Jordan’s main goals is getting the award. “I’m looking forward to starting a family so I can begin my hockey coaching career and achieve my goal of becoming a hockey coach of the year!” he says. If anyone can, it’s you, Jordan. We believe in you, coach!

Thank you, Jordan, for your dedication and commitment to Mustang Freightways over the past 10 years! We look forward to doing more amazing things together.