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Tiffany Viragh – 5 Years of Service

Mustang Freightways congratulates Tiffany Viragh who recently celebrated her 5th work anniversary with us. Tiffany is a member of our Pricing and Quotes Dept. where she primarily creates pricing presentations and responds to customer inquiries.

Attention to Detail

Since joining Mustang five years ago, Tiffany has been integral to our team, and to her department’s success. She says the secret is paying attention to the details, no matter how little. “I interact with our customers and partners daily, whether it’s informing them about pricing changes or responding to requests; I’ve found that attention to detail is crucial,” she says. “Paying attention to the tiniest detail will ensure you don’t miss anything that can become costly, which can damage the trust our customers and partners have in us,” she explains further.

Learn, Grow, Repeat

“You don’t just become good at anything; you learn, you grow, you make mistakes; don’t worry about it, keep learning, keep growing,” says Tiffany when speaking on what she considers vital to her professional journey. “I’m grateful for a company like Mustang that is very invested in developing its employees. Since I joined, I’ve been surprised by the number of opportunities I’ve had that have helped me grow as a professional within the company,” she says, showing appreciation and gratitude.

Managers That Cares

Work-life balance is crucial to mental health, and according to Tiffany, Mustang Freightways’ work environment promotes a healthy work-life balance for every member of the team. “Mustang is a fantastic place to work; managers show a great level of flexibility to allow for a great work-life balance for the employees, avoiding the terrible burnout that many face in today’s workforce,” she explains.

It’s in the Cards

When she’s not working, Tiffany likes to express her creative side and relax with card making. “Card making is something I really enjoy doing, and I got into it after I received a Cricut (we had to Google it too) as a gift for my birthday. I later discovered I really enjoyed card making,” she recalls. “Now I see it as a creative outlet for self-expression which allows me to de-stress after a long day,” she adds.

Tiffany also enjoys games and Anime in her spare time. “I love games; board games, PC, or Switch… currently, League of Legends is my favourite PC game, and I love Animal Crossing and Donkey Kong on Switch!” she exclaims. “I’m also a huge Anime fan, and if I could recommend an Anime to watch, it would be Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, it’s currently my favourite,” she concludes. Thanks for the recommendations, Tiff!

Congrats once again, Tiff, and thanks for your 5 years of exceptional service. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you at Mustang Freightways!