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James Aguirre, Driver

Driver Spotlight: James Aguirre, City P&D Driver

Meet James Aguirre, a skilled and experienced City P&D driver, based out of our Calgary terminal, with 13 years of service at Mustang Freightways. In this driver spotlight, we had the opportunity to sit down and talk with James about his experience as a trucker and his time at Mustang Freightways.

From Owner Operator to Mustang Driver

Before joining Mustang, James worked for several trucking companies in both Canada and the United States as an owner-operator for eight years. But James saw the opportunity to never be out of work and be challenged every day by becoming a driver for Mustang Freightways. “When I started with Mustang Freightways, I knew it was the right fit. It was an opportunity for me to do what I love without worrying about many things,” he says.

According to James, Mustang Freightways has always provided him with the support, respect, and resources needed to succeed as a driver. James also admires the company’s culture and commitment to excellence. “The team here is like family, and everyone works together to achieve the best possible outcome for our customers,” he adds.

Changes Over the Years

During James’ 13 years with Mustang Freightways, he has seen a lot of changes, especially in terms of the company’s growth. According to James, “The company has grown, and over the years, I’ve noticed our freight volumes have gotten heavier and higher, and there are more people on staff than when I first started.”

James also appreciates the younger generation that has come into the company, saying, “the new staff over the year have come in with the right attitude. They work hard for Mustang, and it’s great to see them grow and learn.”

Positivity is Key

As a representative of Mustang Freightways, James understands the importance of maintaining a positive attitude when interacting with customers. With over 20 years of driving experience, James has seen the industry change and adapt to new challenges. Despite these challenges, he maintains his commitment to delivering exceptional customer service.

“Maintaining a high degree of customer service when on this job can be challenging. It is crucial to be ready for the road and remain positive even when delays occur, or something happens,” he says. James’ dedication to providing quality service reflects the values of Mustang Freightways.

Best Part of the Job

According to him, the best part of James’ job is the freedom and independence that comes with being a truck driver. “I enjoy the freedom of the open road and being able to travel to different parts of the country. Plus, I get to see some amazing scenery, especially during the winter months,” he says.

James also appreciates the opportunity to work with a company that values and treats its employees well. “Mustang has been great to me; they care for their drivers. That’s important to me,” he adds. For James, the perks of the job far outweighs any challenges that come with it, and he’s grateful to be part of the Mustang Freightways team.

Looking to the Future

When asked where he sees himself in 5-10 years, James says he has no plans to retire anytime soon and hopes to finish his career with Mustang. “I enjoy working for Mustang because the company takes care of me,” says James. “I’ve also developed strong relationships with my coworkers, and the pay, benefits, and pension that come with working here make me feel valued and appreciated. I plan to finish my career with Mustang,” he reveals.

We Tip our Trucker Hats

James’ unwavering commitment to Mustang Freightways over the past 13 years has been vital to our success. As Mustang Freightways continues to grow and thrive, we are grateful for the contributions of drivers like James who work tirelessly to ensure that our customers’ freight is delivered safely and on time.