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Driven by Passion: The Story of Jose Gonzalez at Mustang Freightways

Jose Gonzalez is a name you’ll often hear around our Calgary terminal. With six years of dedicated service to the company and an impressive 25 years of holding a Class 1 license, Jose has become an invaluable team member. His love for trucks began at a young age, sparking a dream that would become his life’s passion. “Since I was a child, I always liked trucks and always wanted to drive. It’s not about the money; it’s in the heart,” he fondly shares.

From Long Hauling to Mustang Freightways

Before joining the Mustang family, Jose built his career as a long haul truck driver. His job took him across the country, navigating diverse routes and weather conditions and honing his skills in the industry. Reflecting on his past experiences, Jose shares, “The open road offered a sense of freedom, and I found satisfaction in delivering goods from coast to coast. It helped shape me into the driver I am today.”

Embracing Change at Mustang

During his tenure at Mustang Freightways, Jose has observed significant developments in the company’s equipment, freight, and staff. He’s grateful for the improved truck specs and the increased emphasis on maintenance and technology, which have enhanced his efficiency. “Mustang Freightways has consistently evolved to adapt to industry changes. The investment in better equipment and technology has positively impacted my work and the quality of service we provide,” he explains.

A Supportive Work Environment

According to Jose, one of the main reasons Jose remains deeply committed to Mustang Freightways is the dedication to supporting its employees, especially during challenging times. When Jose sustained an injury, Mustang provided the necessary assistance to help him recover and ensure his return to the driver’s seat. “Mustang truly stood by me during my recovery, offering the support and help I needed to get back into the truck,” he recalls.

Navigating Industry Challenges

Like any profession, trucking presents its own set of hurdles. For Jose, some of the toughest situations involve handling unforeseen vehicle issues on the highway and driving at night with people on the road. To tackle these challenges, Jose stays alert, maintains his truck diligently, and ensures a clean and well-lit vehicle. “In this industry, staying focused and prepared is essential. I make it a priority to maintain a clean, well-lit truck and stay vigilant. Especially during night drives,” Jose says.

What truly brings Jose joy is the sense of accomplishment that comes from transporting massive amounts of freight, knowing he’s helping people receive their essential goods. “The feeling of achievement I get from moving so much freight and ensuring people get their good safe and sound is what I enjoy the most,” he shares with pride.

Envisioning the Future

When asked about his plans for the next 5 to 10 years, Jose’s response is clear cut: “Stay with Mustang as long as I can.” With his unwavering dedication and passion for trucking, we’re honoured to have him on our team and look forward to supporting him on his continued journey down the open road.

Mustang Freightways takes pride in having hardworking and passionate drivers like Jose Gonzalez on our team. Together, we keep moving forward, delivering exceptional service and results for our customers.