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5 Years of Service – Congratulations, Ray Wheeler!

Mustang Freightways Ltd. is proud to celebrate the 5th work anniversary of Ray Wheeler, the PM Supervisor at our Acheson facility in Edmonton, AB. As the PM Supervisor, Ray ensures everything goes smoothly in the facility. With his wealth of experience and on-the-job performance, we’re thrilled to have him on our team!

Right Freight, Right Trailer

Making sure freight gets to its intended destination seems straightforward. Still, things might get a lot more complex when operating on a large scale. That’s where Ray wheels in. “My job starts by ensuring the right freight gets on the right trailer. I work with our afternoon team to ensure proper and timely loading of trailers, so we meet our outbound timelines,” Ray says as he explains what he does at Mustang. “What makes my job easier is that we have a system that works, where everyone understands their duties and is well equipped to carry them out efficiently. I’m also there whenever anyone on the team needs help.”

Family Time, Quality Time

Mustang Freightways promotes work-life balance amongst our team members, and we’re always happy to see it fulfilled when our employees tell us about their time away from work. Case in point: Ray loves spending time with his family when he’s not working. “I’m a proud family man that enjoys spending time with my family. We’ll often travel with my kids or go camping at least once a year as a family,” he says fondly. “These moments are central to me, and I will forever cherish them, whether long or short,” he states.

Flame On!

Ray is a major sports fan, and when he’s not working or spending time with his family, you’ll most likely catch him watching or playing his favourite sport, hockey. “I love hockey, and my favourite team is the Calgary Flames. I still wish they won the Battle of Alberta that happened in the 2021/2022 playoffs, but I’m sure our chance will come soon,” says a very hopeful Ray. “I also love to play hockey too. The left wing is my position; that’s where I do the most damage,” he mentions with a hint of pride.

Mustang Freightways sincerely appreciates Ray and his commitment to our team’s success; we’re happy to celebrate this significant milestone with him. Thanks, Ray!