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Heavenpreet Brar: Rising Through the Ranks

At Mustang Freightways, we pride ourselves on recognizing and nurturing the potential within our team. Heavenpreet Brar’s career trajectory from overnight shunter to dispatcher in just under two years exemplifies our commitment to employee development. His progression reflects both his dedication and the growth opportunities Mustang offers. 

Early Days and Rapid Growth

Heavenpreet’s initial role as an overnight shunter laid the groundwork for his comprehensive understanding of our operations. His rapid promotion to overnight supervisor was a testament to his efficient management of complex logistics tasks. “It’s about understanding the details within the bigger picture,” Heavenpreet reflects on his early experiences that prepared him for his current challenges.`

A Culture of Support and Efficiency

Heavenpreet greatly values the supportive work environment at Mustang Freightways. He appreciates the well-organized nature of our operations, where everyone is clear about their roles and responsibilities. This clarity and structure minimize the need for constant supervision and allow employees like Heavenpreet to perform their best. “Everyone just knows what they need to do, and they do it—there’s a real sense of independence here,” he says.

Planning is Crucial

In his role as Dispatcher, Heavenpreet finds that careful planning is essential to manage the complexities of his day-to-day tasks. His responsibilities include overseeing freight logistics, supporting drivers, and ensuring the smooth execution of deliveries and pickups. “The key is to stay ahead of the game. With so many moving parts, good planning keeps everything running smoothly,” he explains how he tackles the demands of his job

A Passion for Sports

When he’s not managing dispatch operations, Heavenpreet unwinds by playing sports with friends. He’s particularly passionate about cricket, football, and volleyball, enjoying the camaraderie and competition of friendly matches. “Playing sports helps me relax and also keeps me energized and ready for the challenges at work,” he shares. His favourite team, the Indian national cricket team, inspires him and connects him with cricket fans worldwide.

Goals and Aspirations

Looking to the future, Heavenpreet is ambitious about his career trajectory at Mustang Freightways. His goal is to advance to a management role where he can impact broader aspects of our operations. “I’m keen to grow within the company and eventually lead projects that drive our success even further,” he shares his vision for the future.

Heavenpreet Brar’s journey at Mustang Freightways shows how personal drive and a supportive company environment can lead to fulfilling career advancement. As he continues to navigate new challenges, his story inspires us all and makes him a valuable asset to our company.