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Mustang Freightways Navigates Summer 2023 & Potential Disruptions

Alberta is in for a considerable dose of heat as summer 2023 rolls in. Although the forecast is not as harsh as previous summers, the temperature is still expected to rise, bringing its share of challenges. For those of us in the freight industry, and in turn, our respected clients, it’s a season of potential trials as much as it is one of enjoying the sun.

Weathering the Season

Numerous weather forecasts have predicted a hot but relatively manageable summer for our region. For many, the lure of summer heat is inviting, with thoughts of sunny picnics and long evenings outside. However, a temperature rise could also signal environmental concerns such as thunderstorms, potential floods, and even wildfires. While wildfires may predominantly affect our neighbours in British Columbia, their repercussions can often lead to changes in our logistics operations.

Implications for Our Services

Such weather-induced disruptions could potentially result in unexpected service delays. The increased likelihood of thunderstorms and floods could reroute our delivery paths and schedules, creating ripple effects on our delivery punctuality. We want to assure you that we are proactively working to minimize the impact of these weather-related disruptions on your shipments.

What We Are Doing

Here at Mustang Freightways, we’re keeping a close eye on the weather trends and devising contingency plans to handle potential service disruptions. Our dedication to providing consistent and efficient freight services remains undeterred, even amid these potential environmental challenges.

Stay Informed

Stay on top of the summer weather and road conditions with these handy sources:

As we brace ourselves for this summer, our focus remains on safety, resilience, and mutual support. We appreciate your understanding, patience, and cooperation as we jointly confront these weather-related challenges.