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Driving Forward – A Spotlight on Evan Lewis, Mustang Freightways Linehaul Driver

Meet Evan Lewis, Mustang Freightways Linehaul Driver, who recently celebrated his fifth year of service with us. Evan’s story is one of tireless dedication and a passion for the road that spans over two decades. “The thrill of the open road called out to me early on, and it was a call I couldn’t resist,” Evan recalls fondly.

An Eye for Progress

Over the years, Evan has experienced the company’s dedication to expansion and improvement. He’s seen it all – from regular upgrades in our fleet to handling an increasing volume of freight. “Our commitment shines through our consistent investment in modern, efficient, and well-maintained equipment. It ensures our safety on the road and bolsters our overall efficiency,” shares Evan.

More Than a Team

For Evan, what sets Mustang Freightways apart is the camaraderie among the staff and the company’s deep appreciation for its drivers.  “Mustang just has this energy, this vibe. The company respects and values us as drivers and as individuals. That’s what makes me look forward to being part of the team every day,” he says.

Tackling Challenges Head-on

Evan is candid about the hurdles that come with an evolving trucking industry, particularly the necessity to stay in line with new regulations. His secret to navigating these challenges? Continuous learning and adaptability.

“With the new rules and regulations, it’s a constant learning process. But it’s a challenge I relish. It ensures I’m doing my best for Mustang and our customers,” Evan says.

More Miles, More Smiles

Looking ahead, Evan sees himself still happily steering the wheel for Mustang Freightways, embracing the peace of the open road. “Looking 5-10 years down the road, I still see myself right here, behind the wheel, doing what I love. Mustang isn’t just my workplace, it’s my second home,” he concludes.

Evan’s journey embodies the essence of Mustang Freightways. With dedication, adaptability, and a strong sense of unity, Evan is a true asset to our team. We’re lucky to have folks like Evan in the driver’s seat, leading the way!