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Jeffrey Lachance: Embracing New Horizons at Mustang Freightways

Jeffrey Lachance, a key figure at Mustang Freightways for over a decade, is taking on a new challenge. We’re excited to announce his transition from Calgary Terminal Manager to Business Development Manager. Jeffrey’s vast experience and dedication make this a promising move for both him and our team. 

Driven by Customer Satisfaction

From his early days at Mustang, Jeffrey has always put the customer first. “I’ve always been about doing what’s best to make our customers happy.” This fits right in with what Mustang believes in. As Jeffrey observes, “Lately, we’ve had more work coming in. Seeing how Mustang quickly added more resources and people just shows why I love working here. We all want to keep our customers happy.”

Facing New Horizons

Jeffrey’s decision to switch roles stems from his vast experience in operations and his desire to diversify his skill set. “I’ve gathered a lot of experience in operations over the years. The Business Development role felt like the perfect next step,” Jeffrey shares. Having worked in various operational capacities, from the dock to managing the terminal, he saw this new role as an opportunity to delve into rates and sales. “I believe my operational knowledge will be a real asset to the sales team,” he continues.

The new role does come with its set of challenges. “I’ve been in operations so long, face-to-face customer interactions will be a fresh experience,” Jeffrey admits. But he’s not one to back down, revealing, “I’ve been taking an online sales course. It’s all about gearing up for this new phase,” he adds.

Charting the Future with Clear Intent

Jeffrey is not one to step into a new role without a roadmap. His clarity of purpose shines through when he talks about his aspirations. “My goal is not just about personal growth. I want to help the business expand and be a pillar of support for the sales team,” he shares. Jeffrey believes that his diverse operational background equips him with a unique vantage point. “I’ve seen the intricacies of our operations, and I’m confident that this perspective can be a game-changer for the team,” he says further.

It’s not just about internal dynamics for Jeffrey. He’s equally enthusiastic about external engagements. “I’m eager to dive deep into our customers’ operations. By understanding their day-to-day, we can tailor our services even better, ensuring Mustang remains their preferred choice,” he says.

Family, Fitness, and Fulfillment

While Jeffrey’s dedication to Mustang is evident, there’s a whole other side to him that many might not see. Away from the hustle and bustle of work, Jeffrey is deeply rooted in family and personal well-being. “My days aren’t just about meetings and strategies. They’re also about cheering from the sidelines at my son’s basketball games or my daughter’s volleyball games. Plus, I never miss my daily workout,” he shares with enthusiasm.

As he steps into this new role, the excitement within the Mustang Freightways community is palpable. Jeffrey’s journey, a blend of professional dedication and personal passions, serves as a beacon for many of us. With his track record, there’s no doubt that this new chapter will be filled with achievements, innovations, and moments that will further solidify his legacy at Mustang Freightways.