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Art Burnett Photo

New Fleet Coordinator

Mustang Freightways Ltd. is proud to announce Art Burnett as our new Fleet Coordinator at our Edmonton/Acheson Freight Service Center.

Art brings over 30 years of experience as a mechanic for commercial trucks in medium and heavy-duty grades. In his new role, he will prioritize and arrange truck, trailer, and forklift repairs with local Edmonton vendors and perform on-site repairs & maintenance duties to keep our equipment in tip-top shape!

In his spare time, Art enjoys gardening, camping, and travelling. We think he’s probably seen enough cold weather over the years, but he still has future aspirations to visit Alaska.

As an avid Eskimos and Oilers fan, Art can often be heard cursing at his TV in the background while he’s cooking meals for his family. He says his trusty smoke alarm serves as his timer that his meals are cooked when he gets too caught up in watching the game and forgets about what’s on the stove. It’s okay Art, we love us some good “Cajun” cookin’!