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Ashley Bresden: Mustang Freightways 2023 Salesperson of the Year

Ashley Bresden has been an integral part of Mustang Freightways for over four years, serving as one of our Business Development Managers. Her responsibilities involve nurturing and expanding customer relations. “I’m here to help grow our business by building and maintaining good relationships with both new and existing customers, ensuring they are happy with our services and looking for opportunities to work with more people and companies,” Ashley explains, highlighting her role in driving the company’s growth and ensuring customer satisfaction.

How Ashley Won The Salesperson of the Year

Mustang Freightways sets high targets for our Sales team, and Ashley clinched the ‘Salesperson of the Year 2023’ title with her exceptional performance. This wasn’t just about hitting targets; it was about strategy, connection, and belief in the company. “Staying true to myself has always been my guiding principle,” she expressed. Her strategy is rooted in building genuine connections with customers, focusing on their growth. “I have immense faith in Mustang’s capabilities and our outstanding team, and in the quality of service we provide. This belief gives me the confidence to approach new customers,” she adds.

The Magic Formula

Ashley’s success doesn’t just come from making sales. Her role at Mustang Freightways extends far beyond the conventional sales paradigm. Operating across territories like Grande Prairie, South Edmonton, Leduc and Nisku, Ashley has been instrumental in not only fostering Mustang’s growth but also ensuring the flourishing of our customer base. She approaches each customer with a unique perspective, tailoring our services to meet their individual needs. “Every customer is unique, and so are their needs. I dive deep into what makes each one tick, aligning our services to support their success,” Ashley shares.

Ashley’s approach is marked by honesty and integrity. She emphasizes clear communication and realistic expectations, ensuring promises made are promises kept. “It’s about honesty and integrity. I never promise what we can’t deliver,” she states confidently. Her belief in Mustang’s operational excellence and customer service is apparent and drives her daily interactions. “Seeing my territories grow and knowing I played a part in it, that’s what keeps me going,” Ashley continues, underscoring her dedication and pride in her achievements and those of her customers.

A Story of Dedication and Vision

Ashley’s triumph is not just a personal victory; it represents her commitment to Mustang Freightways’ vision and values. Her success story is a testament to the company’s focus on quality, reliability, and customer-centric solutions. Ashley’s approach embodies the essence of what it takes to excel in sales within the transportation and logistics industry – a blend of personal integrity, a deep understanding of customer needs, and a firm belief in the company’s capabilities.

Looking ahead, Ashley is excited about the prospects for both herself and Mustang Freightways. She is particularly keen on exploring new markets and opportunities, bringing Mustang’s exceptional service to a broader audience. “The transportation industry is dynamic and ever-evolving. Staying ahead of the curve, understanding market trends, and adapting to them is key,” Ashley remarks, highlighting her forward-thinking attitude.