Specialized Services

Trade Show Services

Mustang Freightways has an industry-leading level of expertise in managing and servicing the trade show industry. Our development of a shipping program for exhibitors in trade shows has been well received by our customers. Mustang customers can focus on developing relationships and generating sales with their clients and leave the shipping and transport worries to us. With Mustang, its all about peace-of-mind.

Power Tail-gate

Not every pickup or delivery has the convenience of a shipping dock that is the same standard height as the delivery trailer. Mustang Freightways offers powered lift gates with a lift capacity of 4000 lbs. Our lift gates are operated by a recharging battery that draws energy from a solar panel. It’s all about convenience and contributing further to our Green initiatives.

Residential / Inside Delivery

We recognize that our valued customers may have specialized delivery requirements such as inside deliveries to or from different floors than just the ground level. This service is available to all of our valued customers and accessed for deliveries to job/construction sites, shopping malls, private storage facilities and trade shows. When a delivery to a private residence, or a rural address is required, Mustang Freightways is your best solution.

For further information regarding residential delivery or inside delivery, click here to view our terms and conditions or contact us.