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Information is what drives your business. At Mustang Freightways our investment in technology goes well beyond our trucks and equipment. We have the ability to help your business manage your shipments with Mustang customized shipping data designed to your requirements and needs. Here is how we can help:

Overall on-time performance:

  • On-time performance as a percentage (%)
  • Based on total number of shipments (#)
  • Broken out by weight/pieces and city specific

Customer/consignee specific on-time performance:

  • Sorted by store or sorted by date
  • Included per shipment: order #, pieces, weight, delivery time in and out, delivery service time required, satisfied service expectation, overall on-time service % for the specific store
  • Bottom of report shows overall on-time %

Real time delivery notification:

  • Receive a real time delivery notification by email as soon as confirmed by our driver’s hand-held device.

If you require a further report, our in-house IT department is available to create a customized reporting solution. Please contact us for more information.