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Partnerships in Injury Reduction

In recognition of our health and safety management systems at Mustang Freightways Ltd., we are proud to showcase our COR: Partnerships in Injury Reduction program. Issued by the Alberta Motor Transport Association and the Government of Alberta, this integral program is managed under the keen eye of our Safety & Compliance Manager, Curtis Zeiner.

What’s the “Partnerships in Injury Reduction” Program?

The program is a voluntary program for companies to work with the government to develop effective health, safety, and disability management systems that encourage injury prevention. Companies that successfully create systems that have been evaluated and verified to meet all provincial safety standards by a certified auditor are awarded a Certificate of Recognition (COR).

Committed to a Safe Work Environment!

“Mustang Freightways is committed to a healthy and safe work environment and the protection of all resources, including the physical and psychological health and the social well-being of all our employees, visitors, contractors, and customers,” says Curtis when asked about the details of the program. “We were first awarded this certificate in 2008, and we are proud of how we have consistently maintained it. We continue to ensure we are compliant with all provincial safety standards by always reviewing and improving our system.”

Reaping the Rewards

The benefits of such programs have been widely reported for years in various industries, and Curtis is quick to support the results for the freight transportation industry as they are at Mustang. “We put maximum effort into monitoring and improving our health and safety; it has reduced the risk of injury and illness at all levels. Not just that, it has also improved workplace morale and positive energy.”

Click here to view our COR: Partnerships in Injury Reduction.