A few months ago, we redesigned our entire website to serve you better. With tons of new features, managing your account, tracking your shipments and getting the information that you need at your fingertips has never been this easy.
We want to introduce to you our top 5 new features right on our site that will help you save time!


You might have noticed a big red button on our home page as well as the side bar, that allows you to get a quote fast & easy. By using this helpful tool, you no longer need to call for a quote. Just fill out the necessary fields and you’ll receive a quote in no time!


Manage your account online


If you haven’t signed up for our online account yet, we encourage you to do so. Having an online account lets you access all the information you need quickly. Through your online account, you are able to view your shipment’s history (listed by Pro-Bill). You can enter a pick up or view a pick up. And if you need a quote, you won’t have to fill out your information since it’s already saved in your account.



Schedule a Pickup

You can now schedule a pick up online without phoning in. Once you have submitted your information, a pick up reference number will be provided.

Schedule a Pickup


Density Calculator

Need to calculate the density of your freight? Use this convenient tool.
Density Calculator


Transit Times

Wondering how long it will take for your shipment to arrive from point A to B? Use this tool to get transit times.

Transit Times


Real-Time Delivery Notifications

If you are an existing customer, you can be notified by email as soon as your shipment arrives at its destination. All you have to do is request this feature by clicking here.

We are excited to announce that we have secured a new partner in Fort St. John. Commencing on Tuesday, May 19th North Peace Transport Ltd. will be taking over all local deliveries and pickups on our behalf in Fort St. John, Taylor and surrounding area.

North Peace Transport Ltd. brings with it a group of staff members with many years of experience in freight distribution. They base their operation out of a New “Environmentally Friendly” fully equipped 6500 sq ft warehouse facility with 11 bay doors.

In addition to the new terminal, we have also improved our service schedule. The first trailer from Edmonton will be arriving in Fort St. John by 5am with deliveries starting at 6am! We are also improving outbound schedules from Fort St John, making it possible to deliver freight back to Edmonton overnight. They will be providing Saturday service as well.

Their contact information is as follows:

North Peace Transport Ltd.
6924 – 87 A Avenue
Fort St. John, BC
Phone: 250-785-8096
Fax: 250-785-8090
Manager: Troy West
Office Administrator: Bonny Pittman

For information, please call your local sales representative.