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Jeff Hartwick

Jeff Hartwick – Business Development Manager

Mustang Freightways Ltd. is pleased to introduce the recent hiring of Jeff Hartwick as one of our new Business Development Managers!

As the newest member of our Calgary team, Jeff will be concentrating on our customers from West of Barlow Trail up to 17th Ave SE , East of Barlow Trail between 50 Ave SE and 72 Ave SE.

How This Benefits You

Jeff has worked with many companies from various industries within Western Canada. He is known for building long-lasting and trusting relationships with customers, which perfectly coordinates with Mustang’s high customer service standards.

It’s a great feeling to know that I’ve empowered my customers

Working directly in the Calgary territory for over 20 years, Jeff understands the importance of understanding his customers’ needs. “Holding previous business development and related managerial roles since 2005, I have developed a keen understanding of the potential difficulties that many different businesses face,” Jeff says. “My job is to help them tackle those hurdles by presenting the best options that suit their business’s needs. It’s a great feeling to know that I’ve empowered my customers by helping them make confident choices that contribute to their success… it’s one of the most satisfying aspects of my job.”

Fore! Slapshot! Bullseye!

In his spare time, Jeff loves to hit the links and play endless rounds of golf with a few of his closest friends. We’ve yet to find out what’s the best round he’s ever shot, but we do know he’s hit a hole-in-one! When asked about the monumental moment, Jeff said, “It was back in 2006 at Kokanee Springs Golf Course during our annual family & friends golf trip, and I remember it specifically: hole 16 – 156 yards – 8 iron.”

As an avid hockey fan, Jeff can also easily strap on a pair of blades and hit the ice or sit back and watch the game in the comfort of his home with a few buddies. If it’s the latter, he’s quick to note that an impromptu tournament of darts usually occurs!

Jeff also enjoys travelling and exploring new destinations. He annually plans a few road trips to Montana with his wife Ginny, and three-year-old son, Luke.

Contact Jeff

Cell: 403-589-5315
Email: jeff.hartwick@mustangfreight.com