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Hwy 37 Rerouting Surcharges

Hwy 37 Reroute Surcharge

9% Surcharge Now In Effect

Please be advised effective immediately, a 9% surcharge will be applied to freight rates.


While we navigate the recent challenges caused by the wildfires in Northern BC, which closed Hwy 97, we would like to thank you for your continued patience and understanding. Since the estimated reopening has not yet been communicated by government authorities, we are now forced to use an alternative route through Northern British Columbia to/from the Yukon, adding several hours of transit time through the detour. As a result, we are anticipating minor shipment delays. Our operating teams are making every effort to mitigate service disruptions. New switch points have been identified to ensure our drivers remain compliant with hours of service, and we have aligned with partners in the region to secure additional resources to keep our scheduled service.