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Truckload Of Donated Clothing Image

Hope Mission Donation

Mustang Freightways Ltd. recently donated much-needed winter clothing, with the assistance of Levitt Safety, to Hope Mission non-profit social care agency in Edmonton. Hope Mission suffered a catastrophic fire to their warehouse in early October that razed its stock of winter clothing & related supplies intended for distribution amongst vulnerable Edmontonians this winter. Unfortunately, their food truck was also lost in the blaze. Photo above of Ashley Bresden, left, from Mustang Freightways Ltd. and Lauren Reid, Hope Mission Edmonton Community Liaison with the truckload of donated winter clothing.

Caring For Edmonton’s Vulnerable

Hope Mission was established in 1929 as a soup kitchen in Edmonton’s inner-city serving meals to hundreds of people struggling with unemployment and homelessness at the onset of the Depression. Over the years, Hope Mission has grown into a non-profit agency caring for impoverished and homeless men, women and children throughout Alberta. They reach out to the inner-city community through special seasonal meals, events, personal contact and provide clothing, blankets and workwear.

Image of donated clothes
Winter clothing items such as gloves and thermal liners were part of the items from Levitt Safety.

The Will to Act

Upon hearing the devastating news of the Hope Mission warehouse fire, Mustang Freightways Business Development Managers, Ashley Bresden (South Edmonton & Grande Prairie), and Jim Mueller (North Edmonton & Fort McMurray) felt the need to take action.

“We immediately discussed the tragedy with our General Manager, Dustin McLean, and he quickly gave us the thumbs-up to come up with a plan to see how Mustang Freightways could help out,” said Ashley when asked about how Jim and herself got involved. “It makes us proud to work for a company like Mustang Freightways that understands the importance of giving back to the communities where we live & work.”

“Giving my thumbs up was the easy part!” stated Dustin. “Ashley and Jim took the lead on this, and I trust that their goodwill will go a long way to helping Hope Mission get back on their feet so they can continue aiding those in need.”

When Community Members Unite

Both Mustang Freightways colleagues knew that the winter months in Edmonton are often brutally cold, so they decided on donating articles of winter clothing to help Hope Mission replenish its supply; they reached out to Levitt Safety in Edmonton to purchase the items. “In discussing what I was buying the items for, Levitt Safety said they also wanted to pitch in. They gave us a generous discount on all 475 pieces of winter clothing/gear we ordered!” said Ashley. “With marvellous partners like Levitt, it shows what is achievable when people and organizations within communities unite towards a common goal. I’m very grateful for their generosity.”

Boxes of donated clothing being loaded off truck image
A bin full of hope and goodwill!

Droppin’ It Off Like Santa

Ashley picked up all the items from Levitt Safety on November 22nd, packed them into her truck, and hand-delivered the boxes full of hope and goodwill to Hope Mission Edmonton that day… where a very happy community liaison, Lauren Reid (not in picture), greeted and thanked her for Mustang’s donation.

How You Can Help

If you’d like to help Hope Mission with a monetary donation or aid in some other form, please visit their website at https://hopemission.com/edmonton or contact them at:

Hope Mission Edmonton
Tel: 780-422-2018

Mustang Freightways Ltd. would like to thank Ashley and Jim for all their hard work, and we tip our hats to the fine folks at Levitt Safety for teaming up with us!