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Celebrating 15 Years of Service with Shawna Buenaventura.

Mustang Freightways congratulates Shawna Buenaventura, who recently celebrated her 15th anniversary with us. Shawna has grown within the company, starting as a part-time Data Entry Clerk and becoming the Pricing Supervisor. In this blog, Shawna shares her experience, duties, and personal insights about her journey with Mustang Freightways.

Taking the Leap

Shawna knows that making the switch from her 23-year retail career to the transportation industry was a bold move. Despite the fear, she understood it was time for a change. “Taking the leap into the transportation industry was intimidating, but I’m so glad I did it. Mustang Freightways has been good to my family and me,” she says. “My journey from part-time Data Entry Clerk to being in the ‘hot seat’ as a Dispatcher and Operations Supervisor to my current role as the Pricing Supervisor has been rewarding and full of growth,” she adds.

Leading with Excellence

As Pricing Supervisor, Shawna leads the team that delivers quotes and competitive pricing, reflecting Mustang’s outstanding service levels. Collaborating closely with sales and customers, she ensures prompt solutions for all our customer’s shipping needs. “One of the best aspects of my job is the customer feedback,” Shawna shares. “It’s gratifying to know our team is excelling, and being able to pass on positive feedback to my team members is a real bonus,” she says fondly.

Thriving Amidst Challenges

At Mustang Freightways, Shawna relishes the daily challenges and learning opportunities that come her way. “I get to collaborate with incredible people in our industry across Alberta and British Columbia,” she says. “Every team member contributes their distinctive skills, helping us tackle day-to-day tasks efficiently,” she concludes.

Legal Thrillers

In her spare time, Shawna enjoys reading, with John Grisham being her favourite author. She also loves binge-watching shows and jokes about how it’s now socially acceptable since the global pandemic. “I’m a huge fan of Grisham’s legal thrillers. His storytelling and intriguing plots always keep me on the edge of my seat,” Shawna shares.

Tinkling the Ivories

A lesser-known fact about Shawna is her talent for playing the piano. She always cherished the moments spent doing just that, though she wishes she had more opportunities to play. “Playing the piano has been a source of joy and relaxation for me. I’m no Beethoven, but I enjoy the creative outlet it provides. I hope to find more time in the future to continue playing, and perhaps even improve my skills,” Shawna concludes.

Shawna’s journey at Mustang Freightways is a testament to her dedication, hard work, and passion for her job. As she celebrates her 15-year milestone with us, we look forward to many more years of success and growth together.