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ELD Delays Image

Canada Postpones ELD Enforcement to 2023

What’s an ELD?

An Electronic Logging Device (ELD) syncs with a vehicle engine to automatically record driving time for easier and more accurate hours of its operation. Relating to the LTL freight transportation industry, the device records driving time in commercial transportation motor vehicles to:

  • ensure driver compliance with hour-of-service regulations
  • reduce driver fatigue
  • improve administrative efficiency for companies and their customers
  • lead to safer roads and highways in Canada

What’s the Hold-Up?

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), which coordinates transportation policy and enforcement in Canada while announcing the delay explained that the trucking industry and regulators need more time. According to CCMTA: “Jurisdictions have been monitoring progress and determined that an extension of the transition period is required.” ¹

ELD example image

Example of current ELD unit shown from Geotab. Photo courtesy of Geotab.

Four Provinces Outstanding

The ELD Mandate is a federal mandate, and to enforce a federal mandate, each province needs to have its law on the books. As it stands, four provinces are yet to introduce the regulations or legislation to require ELDs – British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. ¹

Not Enough Devices

The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada said the delay was necessary for carriers to acquire certified devices and for regulatory issues to be sorted. As it stands, there are not enough devices but this latest extension should give carriers enough time to purchase and install ELDs, according to the council. ²

Mustang: Waaay Ahead of the Game!

At Mustang Freightways, our trucks have been equipped with ELDs to automatically log every pickup, delivery, work hours, and related freight details for the past 25+ years! This has allowed us to ensure our customers we are leading the way in providing the most efficient, safe, and dependable LTL freight transportation services in Alberta/Western Canada.

Contact us!

Local/Outside Canada: 1-780-447-6234
Toll-Free Canada: 1-888-333-3990
Email: ab.sales@mustangfreight.com


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