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Blaine MacKeil

Blaine MacKeil – Alberta Sales Manager

Mustang Freightways Ltd. is proud to introduce Blaine MacKeil as our new Sales Manager for Alberta! Blaine’s primary duties will be to lead our Alberta Sales Team and manage our revenue goals and budgets.

Along the way, I have learned from a lot of brilliant customers and colleagues.

30+ Years of Expertise

In addition to his regular duties, Blaine will mentor his new team by providing valuable coaching and training.

“I have been in the freight service industry for over 30 years now, with many different companies and in many different roles,” says Blaine. “Along the way, I have learned from a lot of brilliant customers and colleagues. Being able to pass my knowledge on to my new team is my small way of showing gratitude for the kindness displayed to me over the years.”

Customer service has always been at the forefront of my career

The Building Blocks of Customer Service

After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, Blaine stepped into a role with FedEx. As their Transborder Business Development Executive, he was awarded their prestigious President’s Club Award and routinely met with FedEx colleagues from all parts of the globe to discuss operations & business matters.

Blaine also worked with Purolator as their International Business Development Executive. “I was part of a terrific five-person team responsible for completely rebuilding their international service offerings – completely from scratch. It was exhilarating,” says Blaine when asked about some of his career highlights.

“Customer service has always been at the forefront of my career, and the Purolator project really forced me to think about our customers and what was important to them. It’s a thought process that I have used in my 30+ years within the freight and transportation industry, and it’s something I’m excited to bring to Mustang Freightways.”

Armchair Athlete, Killer Riffs, and Cheesy Sci-Fi

Like any good Canadian kid, Blaine grew up playing and watching hockey, but he doesn’t limit himself to the one sport. “I love all types of sports! Golfing is right up there for me, but growing up, I was into bodybuilding and powerlifting… then time caught up with me, and now I mostly watch sports on TV,” says Blaine.

In his spare time, Blaine enjoys playing electric guitar and spending time with his daughter. “During the pandemic, I was able to write some music and appreciate the extra time spent with my daughter. It was one of the most fulfilling activities I did during the various lockdowns.”

Blaine also loves reading and watching movies, but not just any type of movies. Blaine unabashedly states, “Bad science fiction movies are my jam!”

Contact Blaine

Cell: 403-700-7553
Email: blaine.mackeil@mustangfreight.com